Cryptographic Calculator


BP-CCalc is a multi-purpose cryptographic calculator for payment industry enthusiasts.
List of its features includes various security key handling, number of encryption and
validation methods and waste amount of specialised options for everyday EFT operatives.


Character encoding
  • Binary to Hexadecimal (and vice versa)
  • ASCII to EBCDIC (and vice versa)
  • ASCII text to Hexadecimal
  • ATM ASCII Decimal to Hexadecimal (and vice versa)
Common cryptography
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cipher operations with ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB modes
  • Asymmetric cryptography (RSA) – certificate generation, encryption, decryption, signing and validation
  • Elliptic Curve (ECDSA) – key generation, signing and validation
  • Base64
  • DES/3DES cipher operations with ECB, CBC, CFB-8, OFB-8, OFB-64 modes
  • Format preserving encryption (FPE) – (FF1, FF2, FF3, FF3-1, DFF[OFF2])
  • Hashing (MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD-160, TIGER-192, CRC32, WHIRLPOOL)
  • ISO 8583 Bitmap parser
  • Secure DEA key generator (64/128/192 bit)
  • Key components combination
  • Key parity check (odd, even)
  • Key verification check (KVC)
  • Luhn digit check, AMEX SE Number – generation algorithm
  • SSL/TLS certificate generation, validation and viewing
  • UUID
  • TR-31 Key block – parser
Payments cryptography
  • AS2805 terminal key generation, PIN block translation, MAC, OWF
  • BCD data encode, decode
  • CVV, dCVV, CVV2 and iCVV generation & validation
  • AMEX CSC generation & validation
  • MasterCard dynamic CVC3 generation & validation
  • IPEK and PEK derivation (DUKPT /ISO9797/, AES)
  • MAC encryption (ANSI X9.9, X9.19, AS2805, DUKPT, HMAC, CMAC)
  • PIN block encoding and decoding (ISO–0, ISO–1, ISO–2, ISO–3, ISO–4, ANSI X9.8, Docutel, Diebold, NCR, ECI–1, ECI–2, ECI–3, ECI–4, IBM 3621, IBM 3624, IBM 4704 Pin Pad, IBM 5906, VISA–1, VISA–2, VISA–3, VISA–4, Europay/MasterCard (Pay Now & Pay Later))
  • PIN encryption and decoding (DUKPT)
  • PIN offset encoding and decoding for IBM 3624 Method
  • PIN PVV encryption and decoding
  • VISA Certificates
  • ZKA (German Zentraler Kreditausschuss) session key derivation and PIN block encryption
  • EMV 4.1, EMV 4.2, MasterCard, VSDC cryptograms (AAC, ARCQ, TC, ARPC)
  • Session key, UDK derivation
  • Static Data Authentication (SDA)
  • Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA)
  • ICC Dynamic Number for MasterCard (EMV 3.1.1)
  • Data Storage Partial Key for MasterCard
  • CAP Token Computation
  • Secure messaging for Issuer scripts (SMI, SMC)
  • VISA HCE keys generator
  • Answer To Reset (ATR) parser for SmartCards
  • APDU response query
  • EMV tag dictionary
  • EMV Parser support for a range of PayPass tags
  • TLV parser with binary values detailed (AIP, CVM, TVR, TTQ, CTQ .. )
HSM cryptography
  • Key encoding/decoding (Futurex modifier, test MFKs)
  • Clear key lookup for all test MFKs
  • Key encoding/decoding (Key formats, Variants)
  • Clear key lookup
  • Key encoding/decoding (Thales key scheme, Pairs, Variants)
  • Clear key lookup for all test LMKs
  • Key encoding/decoding (AKB header, MFK)
Development utilities
  • Secure Padding – add or remove padding to BAse64 or hexadecimal data
  • String Builder – Hexadecimal data to char array initializer (EF4359 -> 0xEF, 0x43, 0x59)
  • Trace parser – BP-Sim binary trace parser
  • Data Decimalization – using Decimalization table and offset
  • Bit Shift – binary shifting for decimal, hexadecimal or binary data

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