Changelog BP-Tools


BP-Tools Release Notes

<22.05> May Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: TR-31 KeyBlock – Key Usage combo box (#5135)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Atalla HSM Key lookup (#5414)
+ BP-HCmd: Thales QE/QF command support (#5350)
+ BP-HCmd: Scrollbar for Thales command fields (#5350)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix support for Keyblocks as Alternate Keys set by HSM Commander (#5410)

<22.04> April Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: DUKPT TDES – derived key length (#5320)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: DES None padding failure (#5321)
+ BP-CCalc: Add DUKPT legacy data key derivation (#5332)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix SafeNet console on Windows platform (no fields) (#5291)

<22.03> March Release
+ BP-HCmd: Add Thales CS/CT command (#5185)
+ BP-HCmd: Add Thales LW/LX command (#5242)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix Thales M2/M3 DUKPT command (#5205)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix Thales M0/M1 DUKPT command (#5211)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix Thales EO/EP command – PK Encoding (#5184)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix Thales OI/OJ command response (#5185)

<22.02> February Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: DUKPT AES – 3key 3DES WK derivation (#5096)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: TR-31/Thales keyblock unhandled value header fields (#5102)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: Thales command listbox issue (#5005)
+ BP-Tools: Add license key file (#4666)

<22.01> January Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: TR-31 KeyBlock add support for all optional key usages (#4980)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: TCP Dump Trim (left) spaces (#4957)

<21.12> December Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: TR-31 KeyBlock unhandled exception for Opt KeyBlock Header (#4879)
+ BP-CCalc: Thales KeyBlock add ‘S’ as key type before KeyBlock data on encryption (#4668)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Keyshare Generator right-click (#4723)
+ BP-HCmd: Thales HSM: Allow quick command selection (#3343)

<21.11> November Release
+ BP-CCalc: Add support for ECDHE (#3787)

<21.10> October Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Thales key lookup (#4619)
+ BP-CCalc: Add support for TLV tag 9F0A /ASRPD/ (#4620)

<21.09> September Release
+ BP-CCalc: Add AES GCM support (#4470)

<21.08> August Release
+ BP-HCmd: Thales: Add support for ES/ET command (#4233)
+ BP-CCalc: Made notification message appeared to be in random order (#4235)
+ BP-CCalc: MDC2 fix modified ANSI X9.23 padding (#3684)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: CKCV value un generated AES-256 key (#4366)

<21.07> July Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: PEK KCV value (#4094)
+ BP-CCalc: DUKPT 2009 support (#1945)
+ BP-CCalc: RSA key generation, show key components (#4214)
+ BP-CCalc: TR-31 KeyBlock extended logging, support for B2 & T (#3750)
+ BP-HCmd: Thales: Fix: GI/GK command delimiter issue (#3000)

<21.06> June Release
+ BP-CCalc: DEA Keys description fixup (#4068)
+ BP-CCalc: DUKPT AES KSN conversion issue (#4076)

<21.05> May Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: DES operation count wrong (#3864)
+ BP-HCmd: Add support for Thales N0/N1 command (Random Value) (#3872)
+ BP-HCmd: Added Thales N0/N1 command support (#3872)
+ BP-HCmd: Updated Thales C2 and C4 key type enums (#3709)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: HSM: Thales: A0/A1 ZMK Key Usage 52 not supported (#3906)
+ BP-HCmd: Thales: Add CA/CB command AES PIN Block support (#3925)

<21.04> April Release
+ BP-CCalc: TR-31 Key Block with proprietary optional header fields (#3750)
+ BP-CCalc: ECDSA additional functions (#3771)
+ BP-CCalc: DUKPT AES Initial key derivation improved (#3790)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: CNP: CVV fails on weak key (#3629)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Thales Key Block HMAC key length validation check (#3000)
+ BP-Tools: Change EFTlab logo in splash/about screens (#3686)

<21.03> March Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for decoding TR-31 Key Block with proprietary fields (#3631)
+ BP-CCalc: Added support MDC Algorithms (MDC-2) (#3302)
+ BP-CCalc: Added screen for RSA to Thales key conversion (#3679)
+ BP-CCalc: Added screen for MDC-2 Algorithm (do far for DES) (#3302)
+ BP-CCalc: Added default wxWidget Teletype Font family (#3626)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: KCV error throw kills Crypto Calc (#3678)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: RSA Decode screen uses method from another screen (#3599)

<21.02> February Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for Visa CVR in EMV Parser (#3045)
+ BP-CCalc: Added CVR parser support, moved TVR and TLV to EMV Data Parser (#3045)

<21.01> January Release
+ BP-CCalc: DEA screen, minor AES KCV fix to be the same as in AES screen (#3000)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: BitShift for bigger values (#3371)
+ BP-CCalc: Thales Key Block support for customer specific key usages (8A…8E) (#3372)
+ BP-CCalc: Show the full intermediate CMAC (#3421)
+ BP-CCalc: Keyshare generator: Add option for AES KCV to be shown (3434)
+ BP-HCmd: Add support for Thales L0/L1 command (HMAC) (#3051)

<20.12> December Release
+ BP-CCalc: Thales Keyblock encrypt with custom padding (#3328)
+ BP-CCalc: Thales Keyblock Key usage B1 with algorithm A (#3000)
+ BP-CCalc: Added TVR screen (#3046)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Thales Key Block – RSA key decode usage 03 with S mode of use (#3356)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Secondary bitmap handling (#3292)
+ BP-CCalc,BP-HCmd: Synchronize message box reporting (#3333)

<20.11> November Release
+ BP-HCmd: Add support for SafeNet EE9001 command (#2365)
+ BP-CCalc: TR-31 encrypt with custom padding (#3259)
+ BP-CCalc: TR-31 Key usage B1 with algorithm A (#3000)
+ BP-CCalc: Add AES/TDEA key CKCV output (#3261)

<20.10> October Release
+ BP-CCalc: Base94 algorithm description (#3000)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: AES KCV failures (#3262)
+ BP-CCalc: Add support for AES PIN Block Format 4 encryption (#3192)
+ BP-CCalc: Extend Thales key lookup info (#3222)
+ BP-CCalc: Extend Thales and TR-31 Key block info (#3223)

<20.09> September Release
+ BP-CCalc: Bookmarks fix (#3137)
+ BP-CCalc: Extend Thales Keyblock screen (#3150)
+ BP-CCalc: Support for Base94 (#3061)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Screen labels on Ubuntu (#3000)

<20.08> August Release
+ BP-CCalc: Left bit shift not working for digits above 64bit (#3086)
+ BP-HCmd: Add support for Thales AQ/AR command (#3057)
+ BP-HCmd: Extend Thales EI/EJ command with PIN Encryption/Decryption option (#3088)

<20.07> July Release
+ BP-CCalc: KCV issue for weak keys (#3042)
+ BP-HCmd: Thales commands review (#2416)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: Thales stress test segfaulting (#3050)

<20.06> June Release
+ BP-CCalc: Tab name fixes in DDA and SDA (#2948)
+ BP-CCalc: Add Thales Keyblock RSA key support (#2947)
+ BP-HCmd: Thales commands review (#2416)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Ubuntu screen title font (#2977)

<20.05> May Release
+ BP-CCalc: Add ISO/IEC 9797-1 MAC Algorithms 1-6 (#2906)
+ BP-CCalc: Add BP-EMVT functionality to BP-CCalc (#2899)
+ BP-CCalc: Add Thales Keyblock RSA key support – decode only (#2947)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix KCV issue (#2909)

<20.04> April Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix AES CMAC KCV (#2818)

<20.03> March Release
+ BP-CCalc: Improve Thales AES Key block encode / decode (#2751)
+ BP-CCalc: DEA: Show more KCV variants for key validation (#2400)

<20.02> February Release
+ BP-Ccalc: Data input limit increased to 32480 (#2812)

<20.01> January Release
+ BP-Tools: New Windows Installer (#2741)
+ BP-CCalc: Thales Key block encode / decode (#2751)

<19.12> December Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix DDA Issuer PK Exponent input field missing (#2731)
+ BP-CCalc: Add Format preserving encryption screen (FF1, FF3…) (#2724)
+ BP-HCmd: Add Thales CM/CN command (#858)

<19.11> November Release
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: Thales FC/FD command – field order (#2607)

<19.10> October Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix AES DUKPT working key smaller than BDK/IK (#2684)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: Thales MS/MT command – expanded HEX (#2686)

<19.09> September release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: EMV padding method radio-button label

<19.08> August release
+ BP-CCalc: Add Elliptic Curve ECDSA algorithm support (#2592)
+ BP-CCalc: Add SHA-3 Hash option (#2627)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: Thales command AW/AX (#2270)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: Safenet HSM EE0402 and EE0403 commands (#2382)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Visa Cryptogram 17 Calculation is wrong (#2641)

<19.07> July Release
+ BP-CCalc: Some Panel Layouts are incorrect on MS Windows (#2597)
+ BP-CCalc: Improved KCV for generated 256-bit keys (#2573)
+ BP-CCalc: Add CMAC macing support (#2595)
+ BP-CCalc: Add Bit Shift support (#2594)
+ BP-Tools: New graphics introduced (#2561)

<19.06> June Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added DUKPT AES functionality (#2409)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: XOR 256 bit DES keys fails CCalc (#2521)

<19.05> May Release
+ BP-Tools: Tab form cycling issue (#2361)
+ BP-CCalc: VISA & MC Secure messaging to allow any payload (#2399)
+ BP-HCmd: Thales HSM DA/DB command field fix (#2389)
+ BP-CCalc: TR-31, extend CT optional header according to latest specification (#2395)

<19.04> April Release
+ BP-Tools: Mojave dark theme support (#2300)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: TR-31 CT optional header size fix (#2354)

<19.03> March Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Base64 decoding dies on invalid data (#2062)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales command AW/AX (#2270)
+ BP-CCalc: wxWidgets upgrade from 3.1.0 to 3.1.2
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: MasterCard ARPC Calculation (#2297)
+ BP-CCalc: CCALC: Allow custom response code to be entered as HexDec (#2298)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: MasterCard ARPC Tab is populated with session key when it should be the UDK (#2302)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Luhn check digit generation shows incorrect character (#2324)

<19.02> February Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for Thales triple length LMKs (#2262)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: TR-31 optional header include (#2263)
+ BP-CCalc: Improve PIN Offset (IBM3624) calculation, adding validation data mask (#2266)
+ BP-CCalc: Key context pickup not working for VSDC screen (#2273)
+ BP-CCalc: EMV Common Session Key generated as binary (#2289)

<19.01> January Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: MasterCard Secure messaging screen crash (#2224)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: AS2805 OWF results different from standard test vector (#2246)
+ BP-Tools: Added remainder to install newer BP-Tools after 100 days (#2188)

<18.12> December Release

<18.11> November Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for Mastercard Dynamic Number calculation (#2163)
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for Mastercard DSPK, OWHF1, OWHF2 calculation (#2168)
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: ISO-4 PAN block format (#2167)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands BK/BL, KS/KT, DA/DB, DU/DV, PM/PN (#2144)

<18.10> October Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands GI/GJ, GK/GL (#1894)

<18.09> September Release
+ BP-HCmd: Fix Thales M0, M2, M4 parsing (#2108)
+ BP-HCmd: Fix Thales DG parsing (#2109)

<18.08> August Release
+ BP-HCmd: Thales M0, M2, M4 to support new Key Types (#2034)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands EW/EX, EY/EZ (#1894)

<18.07> July Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added PIN Offset support for up to 8 PIN lengths (#2017)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands EK/EL (#1894)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands GU/GV (#2000)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales G0/G1 (RG9000 version) (#2000)

<18.06> June Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands GO (#1900)

<18.05> May Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands EI, EO, EQ (#1894)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands GQ (#1900)
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for VISA CVN 18 (#1781)

<18.04> April Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for SafeNet commands E2, 96, 9B (#1696)

<18.03> March Release
+ BP-HCmd: Thales CA – Fixed Max PIN-block length to be static ’12’ (#1764)
+ BP-CCalc: Fixed using character encoding “Binary -> Hexadecimal” where it strips off all non-hexadecimal chars from the input data (#1766)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Atalla 117 and 118 commands (TR-31)
+ BP-CCalc: Add support for TR-31 Key Block decode, encrypt (#1779)

<18.02> February Release
+ BP-CCalc: Updating input (key and IV) length validation for DES and AES encryption (#792)
+ BP-HCmd: Fixed SafeNet EE060x commands PIN block format interpreted wrongly in trace (#1344)
+ BP-CCalc: Fixing DEA Keys Parity Enforcement issue (#1707)
+ BP-EMVT: TLV parser output fix for binary data (#1726)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for SafeNet EE0400, EE0402, EE0403, 51, 9C commands (#1721)
+ BP-HCmd: Fixed SafeNet commands selection crash (#1733)

<18.01> January Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for SafeNet EE3033 and EE3034 commands (#1702)
+ BP-CCalc: DES decode on 33 bytes gives zeroes (#721)
+ BP-CCalc: Add support for ISO9564-1 PIN Block Format 4 (ISO-4) (#1717)

<17.12> December Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for SafeNet EE0200 and EE0201 commands

<17.11> November Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: Some of the data input fields should be expanded to max available size (#1661)

<17.10> October Release
+ BP-CCalc: Text fields are persisted inside the database (Thanks to Tomas Bublik)
+ BP-CCalc: Added securely operated keyshare generator (#1375)

<17.09> September Release
+ BP-HCmd: Now remembers last used tool & configurations for a next startup

<17.08> August Release
+ BP-CCalc, BP-HCmd, BP-EMVT, BP-CEdit: Release notes dialog generated from the RELEASE_NOTES.TXT file available (#994) (Thanks to Tomas Bublik)

<17.07> July Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added TCP_dump parser (#1467)
+ BP-CCalc: Application dies on missing ICC data for ARQC calculation (#1472)

<17.06> June Release
+ BP-CCalc: DUKPT MACing now having DES & 3DES finalization option
+ BP-HCmd: FIX: SafeNet EE0701 command data get chained (not wiping out previous value) (#1334)
+ BP-HCmd: FIX: SafeNet EE0701 and EE0702 having wrong Data in Trace (length bytes included)

<17.05> May Release
+ BP-EMVT: Fixed TLV parser blowing on DF4D tag
+ BP-CCalc: Bitmap calculation faulty (#1285)

<17.04> April Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fixed Keys DEA shows only 4b KCV instead of 6b

<17.03> March Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added BP-Sim trace parser under Development menu

<17.02> February Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fixed DUKPT MAC calculation for triple length keys
+ BP-CCalc: ANSI X9.9 MAC screen merged with ANSI X9.19 MAC into Retail MAC screen and moved under Payments > MACing folder
+ BP-CCalc: Retail MAC provided with an option to do 3DES MAC over whole message (ACI BICISO standard)

<17.01> January Release
+ BP-CCalc: Fixed Thales key calculation 4 digit KCVs when should return 6-digit ones (#987)
+ BP-CCalc: Fixed Bookmarks

<16.12> December Release
+ BP-CCalc: Base64 Decoder sanitised for invalid data input (#933)
+ BP-CCalc: Fixed a memory leak on EMV Session key generation
+ BP-CCalc: VISA HCE GenerateAC Padding bug (#977)

<16.11> November Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for BCD data encryption (#933)

<16.10> October Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for HPE Atalla HSM keys (#876)

<16.09> September Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added Dev String builder screen (#842)
+ BP-CCalc: Added Bookmarking functionality (#843)
+ BP-CCalc: Added Ctrl+K shortcut to get Key Store
+ BP-CCalc: Added Ctrl+D shortcut to get Bookmarks options (#843)
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for SHA-256 MAC (#798)
+ BP-CCalc: Fixing numerous clipboard issues (#465)
+ BP-CCalc: Extend Thales A0/A1 command to support TEK generation (#864)

<16.08> August Release
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: A0, M0, M2 Thales command request traces missing ‘Command Code’ value (#786)
+ BP-HCmd: Added Thales HSM command FI – Generate ZEK/ZAK (#807)
+ BP-HCmd: Added Thales HSM command CI – Translate a PIN from BDK to ZPK Encryption (DUKPT) (#790)
+ BP-CCalc: Added ATM Key wide-DEC to HEX conversion (#778)

<16.07> July Release
+ BP-EMVT: Added support for 6-byte contactless tags (DF****)

<16.06> June Release
+ BP-Tools: Large code review & maintenance
+ BP-CCalc: Fix: AES issue with CBC Decrypt function (#720)

<16.05> May Release
+ BP-HCmd: SSL options simplified into Verify level listbox

<16.04> April Release
+ BP-HCmd: Fix: SafeNet BDK conversion to triple length when containing ’00’

<16.03> March Release
+ BP-Tools: Now using WXWidgets 3.1.0

<16.02> February Release
+ BP-EMVT: FIX: TLV parser segfault for some data
+ BP-EMVT: TLV parser made more chatty about what were wrong
+ BP-CCalc: IBM 3624 PIN Offset now accepts 16b keys + fixes

<16.01> January Release
+ BP-CCalc: General layout and usability improvements
+ BP-HCmd: Thales KQ/KR command added

<15.12> December Release
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: AES crypto segfaulting on Windows 7 64bit
+ BP-CCalc: Payment Bitmap checkboxes in rows
+ BP-HCmd: FIX: Card not present expiration date changed from 4N to YYMM
+ BP-HCmd: Thales KW, KY commands improved (data len is added automatically)
+ BP-HCmd: FIX: Timeout value

<15.11> November Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added ZKA MAC calculation screen
+ BP-CCalc: Luhn number moved under Check Digits menu
+ BP-CCalc: Added MOD 9 check digit calculation
+ BP-CCalc: Added Visa Cloud-Based Payments Contactless cryptography for MSD and qVSDC
+ BP-CCalc: Added Flexible Key Store and its handling through the context menu on all text fields
+ BP-CCalc: About & Clear log & Save log options moved under the Main menu
+ BP-CCalc: Added option to Clear log from context menu

<15.10> October Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added verification options for SSL
+ BP-CCalc: Key combination screen now prints KCV for each component
+ BP-CCalc: Added support for PVKI values 0-9

<15.09> September Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added padding methods options for EMV ARCQ generation
+ BP-CCalc: Added MasterCard Now & Pay Later to supported PIN-blocks
+ BP-CCalc: Added EFTlab’s secure padding scheme
+ BP-CCalc: Added Input radio button for Base64 encoding allowing selection between ASCII & Hexadecimal input
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: Session Keys for Secure messaging having invalid KCV
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: AS2805 keys generator causes segmentation fault
+ BP-CCalc: Input PAN printed when selecting ‘Europay/MasterCard Pay Now & Pay Later’ PIN block format for Secure Messaging
+ BP-HCmd: Added SafeNet command EE0619 support
+ BP-HCmd: SafeNet command buffer size limit removed (was 4096b)
+ BP-HCmd: Command console is now printing both – request and response trace
+ BP-HCmd: Added HSM command response timeout setting to the Option screen
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for multiple HSM configurations
+ BP-HCmd: Added SSL support HSM connections

<15.08> August Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added MACing and PIN change for Issuer script secure messaging (MasterCard & VISA)
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: RSA Sign and Encrypt displaying hexadecimal data in output log
+ BP-HCmd: Added Thales command KY support
+ BP-HCmd: FIX: Memory leak on Test and Console command usage

<15.07> July Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added Dynamic CVV support

<15.06> June Release
+ BP-HCmd: TCP Header processing enhanced for HSM communication
+ BP-CCalc: Added SSL Certificates handling functionality
+ BP-CCalc: Minor cosmetic updates

<15.05> May Release
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: RSA signature not recognising plain ASCII data input
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: RSA padding method wring for Private Key encryption
+ BP-HCmd: Added SafeNet command EE0014, EE0015, EE2018 support

<15.04> April Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added Futurex MFK encoding & decoding with modifiers and Key Lookup functionality
+ BP-CCalc: Added SafeNet Host-stored keys encoding & decoding with variants and Key Lookup functionality
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: Base64Decode fails on decoding binary values (output problem)
+ BP-CEdit: Home directory is now being used as an initial file lookup path + File selector now remembers last folder
+ BP-CEdit: FIX: Data parser failing for Mercantile Bank data
+ BP-CEdit: FIX: Oversized EMV data overflow parser’s memory
+ BP-HCmd: Added SafeNet command EE040A, EE040C, EE0605, EE0606, EE0607, EE0701, EE0802, EE0803 support
+ BP-HCmd: Added SafeNet support for Compound Key Specifier 20
+ BP-HCmd: Load test improvements for high amounts parallel threads

<15.03> March Release
+ BP-CCalc: VISA Certificates screen with functionality for Issuer Signing Request Validation and Signed Issuer Public Key Data Validation
+ BP-CCalc: UUID generation counter replaced with a spinbox field
+ BP-CCalc: First & Second Keys for MAC X9.19 merged in single double-length one
+ BP-CCalc: ARQC/ARPC processing separated for EMV 4.1 && 4.2
+ BP-CCalc: Added Common Key Derivation Screen fo EMV 4.2
+ BP-CCalc: Added EMV ARPC Method 2 calculation
+ BP-CCalc: Added RSA Public exponent & Key length taken for new key generation
+ BP-CCalc: RSA Encryption now allows Private/Public operation selection
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: CVV generation output taking value from the validation frame
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for SafeNet EE0604, EE0609 commands
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales KW (ARQC Verification and/or ARPC Generation (EMV 4.x)) command
+ BP-HCmd: Numerous fixes to previous LibUV -> Boost::ASIO library migration
+ BP-EMVT: FIX: ATR and TLV parsers were abending on processing “82FFFFFF”. Now report back with proper parser failure

<15.02> February Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added SafeNet command EE0603
+ BP-HCmd: Added support of Thales GM (Hash a Block of Data) command
+ BP-HCmd: Added Landing screen selection dialog
+ BP-HCmd: Fixed: Startup layout not stretched properly
+ BP-HCmd: LibUV networking library replaced with Boost::ASIO
+ BP-CCalc: ISO8583 bitmap encoding/parser

<15.01> January Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added SafeNet command EE0700, EE0702, EE0800, EE0801 support
+ BP-CCalc: Added UUID generation screen
+ BP-CCalc: Added Padding options for DES/3DES encryption/decryption
+ BP-CCalc: Improvements to SDA/DDA log output
+ BP-CCalc: Added input data sanitization to SDA/DDA screens

<14.12> December Release
+ BP-CEdit: Hexadecimal tab added for easier record data overview
+ BP-CEdit: Format loader enhancements
+ BP-CEdit: FIX: Loader failes oh files without Carrier and Embossing data
+ BP-CCalc: Added MasterCard CAP Token computation (3D Secure)
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: AES CBC processing for long data input
+ BP-CCalc: Added PIN Block Formats (ANSI X9.8, Docutel, ECI-1, ECI-2, ECI-3, ECI-4, IBM 3621, IBM 3624, IBM 4704 Encr. PIN Pad, IBM 5906, VISA-1, VISA-2, VISA-3, VISA-4)
+ BP-HCmd: Added SafeNet command EE0602 support

<14.11> November Release
+ BP-CCalc: XOR operation for key combination extended to 64bytes
+ BP-HCmd: FIX: Fields stretching getting reset after a command selection

<14.10> October Release
+ BP-EMVT: TVR parser fix
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands: FA/FB, NC/ND, M0/M1, M2/M3, M4/M5

<14.09> September Release
+ BP-CCalc: Thales LMK Variant 9 enabled for crypto ops and key lookup
+ BP-CCalc: Better support for Thales keyscheme ‘0’
+ BP-CCalc: Added Base64 Encoding/Decoding screen
+ BP-CEdit: P3 Data Parser improvements for missing carrier data
+ BP-CEdit: Card loading memory management improved
+ BP-CEdit: ICC data tags ordering set enabled by default

<14.08> August Release
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: DUKPT padding type 2
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for SafeNet HSM Status command (01)

<14.07> July Release
+ BP-CEdit: P3 Data Parser improvements
+ BP-CEdit: Added option for data export into a flat text file

<14.06> June Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added ANSI 9.19 (ISO/IEC 9797-1, algorithm 3) with padding method 1
+ BP-CCalc: FIX: ANSI 9.9 output value length
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands: EE/EF

<14.05> May Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added key parity enforcement feature to DEA keys
+ BP-CCalc: Added DUKPT encoding/decoding data option
+ BP-CCalc: Added DES3 encoding/decoding Cipher Feedback (CFB), Output Feedback (OFB) modes
+ BP-CCalc: Added AES (128/192/256) encryption/decryption along with Electronic Codebook (ECB), Cipher Block Chaining (CBC), Cipher FeedBack (CFB), OutputFeedback (OFB) stream encryption/decryption modes
+ BP-EMVT: TVR bit-flag parser fix

<14.04> April Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands: C0/C1, C6/C7, D0/D1, D2/D3, QI/QJ
+ BP-EMVT: FIX: Parser failing on an unknown EMV tag
+ BP-EMVT: New Tags now recognised: ’56’ Track 1 Data, ‘9F64’ NATC(Track1), ‘9F65’ PCVC3(Track2), ‘9F66’ PUNATC(Track2)
+ BP-EMVT: New Kernel filter added to EMV Tag dictionary

<14.03> March Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added Initial Vector option to DES3 CBC
+ BP-CCalc: Added MasterCard AC Session key generation option
+ BP-CCalc: EMV > Session key frame renamed to Card Issuing and split for VISA and MasterCard
+ BP-CCalc: EMV AAC/ARCQ/TC frame updated to assist users with data input
+ BP-CCalc: Cosmetic main menu reorganisation
+ BP-EMVT & BP-CEdit: Values from Data tree can be now copied into clipboard
+ BP-CEdit: P3 file parser stability improvements
+ BP-Tools: Fix to screen maximalisation/minimalisation issue

<14.02> February Release
+ BP-CEdit: Fix to Carrier parser (token parser)
+ BP-CEdit: Added an option to enable ICC tag sorting
+ BP-CCalc: Fix to ISO9797 MAC procedure padding method 2
+ BP-CCalc: Added Thales keys calculator
+ BP-CCalc: Added Thales key lookup for keys encrypted under Default keys
+ BP-CCalc: Added AS2805 Terminal Set Key generator, PIN block translator, MAC calculator, OWF function calculator
+ BP-CCalc: Added DES3 CBC encryption/decryption algorithm
+ BP-CCalc: Cosmetic main menu reorganisation
+ BP-EMVT & BP-CEdit: Fix to TLV parser extended length value 0x82
+ BP-EMVT & BP-CEdit: EMV data buffer quadrupled
+ BP-EMVT & BP-CEdit: Nested parsing added for tag FF63 (VISA Quick VSDC Data)
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands: C2/C3, C4/C5, E0/E1, E2/E3, E4/E5, OK/OL, OI/OJ, OU/OV, OW/OX, PI/PJ, PO/PP

<14.01> January Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added PIN Verification Value Calculator (VISA PVV)
+ BP-CCalc: Layout improvements

<13.12> December Release
+ BP-CCalc: Added PIN offset Derivation (IBM 3624 PIN Generation Algorithm)
+ BP-EMVT: Added Answer To Reset (ATR) parser for SmartCards
+ BP-EMVT: Added EMV Parser support for a range of PayPass tags

<13.11> November Release
+ BP-CEdit: New tool Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands: FK/FL, FS/FT
+ BP-EMVT: TLV parser fix for BF55 tag
+ BP-EMVT: APDU response list updated
+ BP-CCalc: Luhn check formula added

<13.10> October Release
+ BP-EMVT: New APDU responses added (6381 – 6389)
+ BP-EMVT: New binary parsers added: CTQ [9F6C], CAP [9F68], Card Authentication Related Data [9F69]
+ BP-EMVT: EMV Tag Dictionary extended with many MasterCard and VISA tags
+ BP-EMVT: Log screen resizing fix
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands: A8/A9, AU/AV, BI/BJ, CU/CV, DG/DH, DW/DX, DY/DZ, FC/FD, FE/FF, FM/FN, FQ/FR, FW/FX, GC/GD, GY/GZ, LG/LH, MG/MH
+ BP-CCalc: Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) added
+ BP-CCalc: Cosmetic main menu reorganisation

<13.09> September Release
+ BP-CCalc: RSA Hexadecimal inputs now sensitized in less-pain way
+ BP-CCalc: SDA Certificate expiration check fix

<13.08> August Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands: A6/A7, B0/B1, B2/B3, BC/BD, BE/BF, BU/BV, CG/CH, EC/ED, EG/EH, IA/IB, JC/JD, KA/KB
+ BP-EMVT: AIP parser added
+ BP-EMVT: CVM parser fix
+ BP-CCalc: Static Data Authentication (SDA) added
+ BP-CCalc: Window & Menu layout review

<13.07> July Release
+ BP-HCmd: Added support for Thales commands: AE/AF, AG/AH, BA/BB, CA/CB, CC/CD, CW/CX, CY/CZ, DC/DD, FG/FH, HA/HB, JA/JB, JE/JF, JG/JH, NG/NH
+ BP-HCmd: Fixes all across all available command base
+ BP-HCmd: Command NO/NP made RG8000 compatible
+ BP-CCalc: Added CVV, CVV2 and iCVV generating options
+ BP-EMVT: ASCII values printing fix for EMV parser
+ BP-EMVT: EMV Tag Dictionary output fixed

<13.06> June Release
+ BP-Ccalc: Hashing option added supporting: MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512

<13.05> May Release
+ BP-Ccalc: ASCII text -> Hexadecimal (and vice versa) character-set encoding added
+ GLIBC_2.14 requirement lowered to GLIBC_2.4 (Linux only)

<13.04> April Release
+ BP-Ccalc: ASCII -> EBDIC (and vice versa) character-set encoding added
+ BP-Ccalc: Binary -> Hexadecimal (and vice versa) encoding added
+ BP-Ccalc: VISA Cryptogram 10 & 14 options added
+ BP-Ccalc: UDK can be now generated with selectable parity option
+ BP-Ccalc: ARPC generation option added
+ BP-Ccalc: EMV tabs linked to share output data

<13.03> March Release
+ BP-Ccalc: EMV UDK derivation option added
+ BP-Ccalc: DUKPT: IPEK key input option enabled
+ BP-Ccalc: Output layout changes

<13.02> February Release
+ BP-Ccalc: Fix to 21st bit of KSN (DUKPT)
+ BP-Ccalc: DUKPT functionality consolidated
+ BP-EMVT: New APDU response codes added
+ GUI Layout made dynamic

<13.01> January Release
+ BP-Ccalc: ISO PIN blocks 1,2,3 added
+ BP-Ccalc: ZKA security added
+ BP-Ccalc: ISO-0 PIN block handling fix
+ BP-Ccalc: Minor fixes to the context help
+ graphic layout reworked

<12.12> Monthly Release
+ BP-Ccalc: Key generator and Key combination now provides also the key checksum
+ BP-Ccalc: Key odd & even parity forcing fixed on key generation
+ BP-Ccalc: Minor fixes to the context help

<12.11> Monthly Release
+ rebranding
+ TCP/IP connection fix to HSM commander
+ A0 command fixed
+ HSM commander options now stored in SQLite database

<12.10> EMV tool
+ Tree output added to TLV parser
+ New detailed parsers added:
+ Application Interchange Profile (AIP)
+ Application Usage Control (AUC)
+ Cardholder Verification Rule Format (CVM)
+ Terminal Verification Results (TVR)
+ Transaction Status Information (TSI)
+ Fix to EMV dictionary – wrong format output

<12.09> EMV tool – beta
+ Added new Tool dedicated to EMV only (refer to BP-Tools whitelist for functionality description)
+ All frames are now responding to Enter and Shift + Enter keys where applicable (e.g. for Encrypt & Decrypt buttons)
+ Context help extended on many places

<12.08> EMV
+ FIX: DUKPT PEK key not being XORed for PIN operation

<12.05> EMV
+ Added EMV Application cryptogram calculation as described in EMV 4.1, Book 2, Part III, Annex A1.3
+ FIX: Key parity function

<12.04> BP-Tools Release
+ Tool name re-branding
+ HSM Options shares HSM settings across the HSM tool

<12.03> BPTS-Tools Release
+ Added new commands support for HSM Commander (A0, BE, BU, CA, CC, EA, FA, FE, FI, FK, HC, IA, JE, M0, M2, MG, MS, NO, RM, SC, SE, SI and SK)
+ HSM Load test – stability fix

<12.02> BPTS-Tools first Release
+ Cryptographic calculator
+ HSM Commander