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A shopping experience that drives sales

Create a connected shopping experience that goes beyond payments, and caters to your customers’ growing demands.

Any method

Catering to your customers’ever-changing demands is no longer an expensive and challenging exercise. Our range of solutions enable you to easily implement and connect any new payment methods and functionality, regardless of platform, use case, need or message type:

Credit/debit cards
Gift card
QR payments
Buy Now Pay Later
and more...

Any vertical

Being fully agnostic and flexible means we can help any player, in any industry, to rise to its specific challenges.

Fuel & Petroleum

All the smarts

Get more agile and gain a competitive edge with our built-in data warehouse solution:

Analyse purchase activities

Better understand your customers’ behaviour and needs (down to POS statistics, room temperature, service time, etc.).

Monitor fraud

Use AI to monitor fraud activity and alert/react based on given transaction crietria.

Enhance your marketing

Use data to push personalised marketing offers back to POS or CRMs.

Optimise your operations

Make data-driven decisions on adding services, changing products, managing inventory and more.

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None of the hassle

All of our payment and testing soultions are designed to help you move quicker and stay safe with minimal resources and impact on your organisation:


Lego-like modular architecture enables you to pick the right modules or logic, and constantly add new payment services.

Easy to implement

A JSON API interface enables easy integration with other systems, and being written in C++ means it’s easy to move quicker with very little coding.


Shifting the implementation logic from developers to business analysts, making it easy to quickly customize and extend services based on the market demand.


Accepting virtually any incoming financial or non-financial message, it helps you authorise, settle and clear any type of payment request.

Secure and stable

Built-in security (PCI-DSS compliant and PADSS certified), and guaranteed high service availability thanks to the Active:Active model.


A cost-efficient system (both in terms of deployment and maintenance) that makes it easier to innovate and scale.

We`ve got you covered

We are certified by:

ISO 9001, 27001 & 20022
PCI DSS Certified
SWIFT Partner
Thales Accelerate
Symantec Code Signing

Future-proof your customers’ shopping experience

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