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(Y)our secret sauce

At the heart of our payment switch sits a dynamic, modular, and robust platform (EFThub) that’s based on our innovative Message Bus technology and architecture.

Acting like a network hub, EFThub enables high-performing delivery of millions of messages per second between all different payment modules and services.

It’s lego-like modularity and flexibility allows for quick development in challenging environments with greatly reduced requirements on both service run time and delivery times.

Fit for any purpose

The EFThub was developed to support any method of payment and in any format so it could answer the payment industry requirements of today, tomorrow and beyond.

ATMs & Payment Terminals

Any type of Card


Digital wallets

Mobile payments

E-commerce tokens


Fraud and AI tools

Main Ingredients

API interfaces

Our JSON / XML API interfaces enable easy and safe integration with other systems (open banking, eCommerce, card & terminal management, fraud detection, data warehouses, ticketing, reporting, crypto wallets etc.)

Get your system to “speak” with the outside world in a smart, quick and cost-effective way. Decrease your client’s system complexity by combining multiple services under one umbrella, and significantly reduce human and hardware access.

Our interfaces ensure that all activity undertaken is tracked and performed through appropriate auditing channels, ensuring all changes are accounted for. Designed from the ground up to prevent users “hacking”, the back-end allows customers to implement their own front-end security around a solution that is already safeguarding itself.


Enjoy a robust system that is always ON thanks to its Active-Active built-in generic functionality, network fault tolerance, timeout handling, system health notifications, and automatic connection failovers to enable High Availability (HA) enterprise platform.

It eliminates the potential for outages, as all configuration is done in real-time (i.e., there’ is no need to do refreshes or restarts).

Configuration can be synchronised between platforms in near real-time where changes are cross-replicated between active nodes. For example, terminals where keys rotate and these must be kept in sync across the estate; where collisions occur, the system reports these but automatically resolves conflicts to keep the application processing where possible.

Authorisation/ Settlement

Our Authorisation solution provides practical and efficient cardholder validation. Its flexible configuration system helps you build the authorisation tree step by step. Design your own authorisation pipeline using component checks such as PIN, xCVV, account balance, velocity, and limit.

The provided components can be freely re-organised and reconfigured to adapt to changing business requirements.

EFTHub provides a “stand-in” authorization function when core banking is unavailable to ensure that continuous customer service is delivered. Various stand-in components are available -, for example, financial instruments can be tracked “on-demand” to verify velocity, and balances from uplinks can be stored to verify a last known balance.

EFTHub comes with all the functions expected of a payments platform such as transaction enrichment, batch processing, transaction inquiry, settlement and reconciliation.

It allows the reconciliation of incoming settlements against bank accounts. Reconciliation helps oversee and uniformize transaction data towards thoughtful monitoring of your payment operations.

EFTHub also provides processing capabilities and seamless integration with multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms.

Terminal driving & merchant management

Our flexible Point of Sale driving includes a Institution, Terminal and Merchant management platform and allows integration with any kind of Point-Of-Sale device or Softpos application. It supports the complete functionality required for providing their acquiring service.

Scale your terminal and merchant real estate and break into new markets faster than your competitors with extremely efficient Merchant, Terminal and Grouping configurations. Support multiple institutions with overlapping merchant and terminal estates from the same platform lowering implementation costs while retaining functionality.

The flexible configuration allows integration with any kind of Point-Of-Sale device and supports the complete functionality required for providing an acquiring service. Configuration and design allows for comfortable hosting of multiple projects on a single system through terminal and merchants groups. 

Enjoy additional features such as merchant to terminal configuration inheritance, merchant & terminal grouping, custom verification capabilities, linking identifiers, custom keys.

Big Data

The data warehouse module helps you collect data directly from your customer’s purchases activity and analyse the information so you can:

  • Understand your customer habits and behaviours
  • Get better insights about your products
  • Monitor fraud activity
  • Enhance your direct marketing

The platform can collect data from the various points in the payment lifecycle like the transaction details, settlement information, terminal and ECR data, CMS, Merchant database and more.

It can provide you with reports, statistics and insights into fraud monitoring, cardholder behaviour, device inventory, shop/products and even feed into your direct marketing offers.

Any type of payment

Our EFTHub solution can process and authorise any payment type on any device without any limitations. From standard card payments (debit / credit, loyalty / gift card, prepaid),  eWallet based-payments (Applepay, Wechat, Alipay, Googlepay), QR payments and even crypto transactions. It is compatible with multiple validation services (such as card status, PIN, EMV, geo location).

Although EFThub’s processing is based on ISO20022 handling of messages it can handle any set of bytes flowing across it as parsing messages is an optional feature of the application and it can operate just as well on bits and bytes as it can long complex well known messages. Using this approach it can be easily extended to support any future payment options and allow connectivity to multiple payment partners including easy integration with payment schemes and existing products.

EFTHub comes with a connection to all channels, full settlement & e-wallet services, terminal & merchant management, and full API integration and helps you enhance your payment transactions with richer data from any type of payment.


You can manage and tailor your loyalty program to fit your brand while encouraging customer engagement and repeat purchases

  • easy integration with payment schemes and existing products
  • Understand your customer habits and behaviours and enhance your direct marketing

EFThub’s core storage tracks all purchases out of the box, maintaining all product information. It has journaling and receipting functionality allowing you to track purchases and generate information to be applied to the POS. Through the authorization platform tracking loyalty accounts vouchers can be activated and tracked and points deposited and consumed as appropriate to the loyalty system.


Over the past five years, cryptocurrency has evolved as near mainstream. We are seeing Central Banks across the world truly evaluate and POC many offerings from DLT and smart contracts to pegged stablecoins.

EFTHub provides a secure processing solution that enables any merchant or financial institution to quickly respond to the growing demand of their end customers and accept crypto-based payments.

Our Crypto solution uses EFTHub’s basic capability to translate the payment request into a blockchain request and vice versa. Using the various modules, it can facilitate the registration and authentication of wallets, approve transactions and issue digital cards. EFTHub communicates with multiple crypto exchanges through its simple JSON api mechanism. We support crypto to fiat, crypto to crypto, fund transfers, crypto POS/eCommerce, debit cards and fund settlements.


All our solutions are compliant and certified with the latest security standards and legislation.
To ensure this; EFTlab works closely with technology partners such as the PCI council, Thales, Utimaco, Swift, Visa and Mastercard to ensure that we securely process, store and transmit all messages and data while maintaining a 100% secure and compliant environment.

Be confident, knowing that your transactions are secure and safe from data breaches. Robust, multi layered and well-designed systems give you comfort that you will keep the lights on 24/7/365.

The EFThub tokenization module supports PCI compliant tokenization standards as well as proprietary methods required by our customers such as EMV.

ATM driving

The ATM driving solution allows efficient delivery and management of an ATM estate.

The product was designed to facilitate product innovation for customer retention and drives down bottom line costs.

Key benefits:

  • Practical and efficient ATM management
  • ATM estate monitoring
  • Fast customer support
  • Compliance with PCI:DSS 3.2 and PA:DSS 3.2 requirements
  • EMV and NFC ready
  • Service-oriented architecture to quickly extend the functionality

It comes with an extremely powerful graphical designer for the ATM download file which significantly improves the design of the ATM process so that during the design it’s easy to see what the output on the ATM will be. From here it’s easy to review how screens and receipts will look and the flow of a transaction through the platform.

ATM comes with real time monitoring of the estate including tracing at the ATM level so you can diagnose issues with a single ATM or the entire estate with ease.

Realtime payments

EFTlab’s Real Time payment module for open-banking provides greater access control to the data that banks, and other financial institutions currently hold and allows their secure exchange with the other authorised organisations.

The simple API mechanism helps you build faster intuitive digital experiences in the realm of open and real time banking.

Connection to schemes

Our platform allows you to process transactions using any payment method, from traditional credit/debit cards to alternative payment methods.

It allows all processing integrations, including connections to international and local card schemes specific to certain markets, both traditional or more sophisticated ones.

Our online Authorization processing modules for VISA & MasterCard interfaces, APT specific configurations, are compliant with the schemes' specifications and latest Mandates.

Dynamic configuration and mapping

EFThub supports message mapping and flexible format definition using a JSON schema for definition of messages and how they are mapped. Using the core security framework for authorization of any changes to these protocols and appropriate controls to ensure a system can be quickly rolled back without stopping processing new protocols and maps can be defined. What this does is put your organisation in charge of its destiny; if a new field needed in a message, you can define this. If a new mapping required (eg: Visa has a new value) you can set this up. 

This helps your organisation respond rapidly to market changes and puts you firmly in the driving seat when it comes to supporting upcoming features.

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A recipe for success

From your innovation team to your marketing department, anyone in the organisation can benefit from:

  • Quickly adding new payment methods and products

  • Easily integrating with other systems through APIs

  • Providing a better customer experience

  • Monitoring and analyzing transactions/customer behavior

  • Easily customizing and upgrading systems with less risk

  • Meeting future performance and safety requirements

  • Saving on operational costs and ongoing maintenance

  • Gaining better insights and the ability to make informed decisions

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