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Make testing a breeze with a suite of powerful automation tools for assuring your performance, compliance, security and resilience.

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Mission-critical online systems such as payment switches, that process hundreds of transactions per second, require sophisticated testing methods to ensure a stable production system.

However, the biggest challenge is the level of their complexity. A single change can require testing a wide range of functions across the system, which is both time-consuming and prone to errors.

The EFTsim is an advanced suite of tools for automating the testing of any payment system. It provides powerful regression and stress testing functions and uses industry-standard messages that adhere to scheme and POS/ATM manufacturer specifications.

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Tools highlights

Automated End-to-End testing

The EFTsim Server exposes an Application Program Interface (API) that can be used by CI/CD systems to run tests scripts and capture and log the result of running the test cases. 

The server uses a RESTful API that can be accessed by posting requests to the Server's HTTP port.

Regression Testing

A powerful regression testing module that runs an automated set of tests against every new change and identifies the source of any failure.

Stress testing

Make sure that you know how much your payment system can handle during the peak season with an efficient stress testing function.


A powerful certification module that can expose an API for external access to run automated tests. It uses industry-standard messages that adhere to the scheme and POS/ATM manufacturer specifications. 

The certification module was designed to cater for several different testing scenarios, including a Central Switch that certifies member or participant banks.

It also supports a centralized definition of the test cases and scripts, and the Script Database can be emailed or downloaded by the individual sites.

Part of the Certification module is a flexible Validation Engine that allows complete scripts to be developed that are saved into a database. It also produces a very good summary report showing the progress of the development and testing.


EFTsim expose an API for external access by using CI/CD pipelines which can connect to any 3rd party tools. There are a number of vendors and open-source tools that allow the implementation of Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment pipelines. Jenkins is a popular example as are GitLab CI, and Bamboo. We can connect this way to your 3rd party applications, and then run test cases against them. By using CI/CD pipelines will free your engineers to focus on tasks that add value to your organisation.

HSM simulator

The HSM simulator provides complete emulation of the SafeNet and Thales Hardware Security Module, eliminating the need for a physical HSM during pre-production systems EFT systems development.

It displays all the cryptographic calculations that are performed to process a message. If a value is wrong, it lists what the correct value should be, so instead of getting a ‘Format Error’ response, the detailed log shows what field in the message was wrong and why it was wrong.

If the PIN is incorrect, the log shows what the correct PIN is so it speeds up development by showing the user how values should be calculated rather than just returning a simple ‘Validation Failed’ error response.

All supported commands are tested and validated on physical thales/safenet devices to guarantee their compatibility

Its off the shelf functionality offers:

  • Payment industry cryptography support
  • High-performance asynchronous processing
  • Detailed processing and security logs
  • Extendable ad-hoc command base
  • Virtualisation options
  • Economical, in-house HSM alternative
  • Resource efficient. Runs on an office PC.
  • SSL/TLS connection options
  • Key Blocks (TR-31, Thales)

POS/HOST simulator

The Host simulator is an issuer/acquirer emulator. It responds to a wide range of transaction request types. This is useful for local payment switch testing, terminal firmware developers or anywhere a general upstream entity emulator is required.

The POS generates electronic payment transactions to test your switch or back office systems.

Our Source module can also be used to generate a continuous feed of transactions including high Transactions Per Second (TPS) throughput of up to 1000+ TPS.

 Both testing tools provide extensive reporting and statistical information to assist you when troubleshooting your payment system.

ATM simulator

The ATM simulator provides realistic emulation of a physical ATM with all of its screens, cash cassettes and problem management.

It can replace an entire ATM lab with a single instance application that can simulate multiple ATMs that can be configured with different hardware devices and software downloads for fast and convenient ATM testing.

Can be used by acquirers, developers and training consultants.

ATM load builder

ATM Load Builder is a tool to manage ATM Downloads. It provides an easy to use, intuitive and visual interface that allows for all components of the ATM load to be edited.

Screens can be edited, added, copied and deleted and all changes are tracked in the Audit log with before and after values.

Multiple languages are fully supported.

Script Generation

EFTsim uses a Script Generator to generate the various combinations of messages and transactions needed to test your system. 

The Script Generator includes definitions of the various transactions and card prefixes that your system can accept. 

The relationship between cards and transactions and transactions and transaction sources can also be defined. This allows the various combinations of transactions and cards to be automatically generated.

Development tools

Our EFTtools is a suite of analysis applications for EFT testing, operations and development.
It is helping payment analysts perform their daily tasks and accelerate EFT system development.

Use the development tools to understand, develop and test cryptographic operations, diagnose and fix card production issues, get an understanding of EMV, form commands and test your HSM.

In a world where electronic payments are a core element of the modern business, the EFTtools range of modules can help businesses quickly and reliably bring new payment solutions to market.

The EFTsim development tools package (EFTtools) includes the Multi-Purpose Cryptographic Calculator and the HSM Commander and can be purchased separately for $999 USD. Please fill out the form to purchase or learn more about it. Submit a purchase question or request.

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EFTsim enables you to spend less time testing and more time on value-add activities thanks to:

  • Modular design that enables rapid customization

  • Quicker turnarounds

  • Testing all elements of the entire payment infrastructure
    (POS, Switch, Acquirer, Issuer, etc.)

  • Efficient stress testing and capacity planning

  • Eliminating the need for expensive hardware
    (such as HSM, payment terminals and ATMs)

  • Testing with the latest payment technologies
    (such as EMV, NFC, Mobile Payments and Crypto)

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